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Can I start pregnancy yoga in Bristol if I'm a complete beginner?

The short answer is, yes! The longer answer actually would tell you that pregnancy yoga is one of the best times to start learning about yoga. Pregnancy yoga offers so many benefits and doesn't require you to have any previous knowledge.

What pregnancy yoga offers is an introduction to yoga, and more specifically, to the practices of yoga that are entirely therapeutic and empowering for anyone who is pregnant and preparing for birth.

A pregnant woman lying in the grass and smiling

Yoga in its simplest form helps you to learn how to connect with your body and to learn about yourself in a deeper way. This empowers a pregnant women to understand her needs better, and encourages her to respond to those needs more readily.

At the same time, learning about your body, connecting with your growing baby, practicing skills for deep relaxation and maintaining an appropriate level of strength and fitness are all the perfect ingredients for helping you to prepare for an empowered birth, whichever birthing option you wish to have.

A pregnancy yoga teacher teaching a pregnancy yoga class in Bristol

The movements, breath practices, meditations and relaxations are transferable throughout pregnancy, birth and into early parenthood. Which means that by practicing a pregnancy yoga class weekly, you'll be supporting yourself in the best way for this life changing process.

If you're Bristol based then you are more than welcome to join my pregnancy yoga class in Bristol, every Monday evening from 6:15pm. If you would like to trial this Bristol pregnancy yoga, you can enjoy your first two classes for half price. This will help you to settle in and truly see how pregnancy yoga can support you throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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