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You've landed in the perfect spot

Do you feel tired and depleted? Spinning so many plates, somehow holding it all together and yet feeling frazzled, exhausted and frayed at the edges? Desperately wishing there was more room in your life for you and your needs?


This space is just for you.

Right here is a nourishing space for mums.
Created by a mum who gets it. Deeply.

Hi, I'm Sinead. I'm a yoga teacher and a mother.

My coping mechanism to help through the rough days? Potent, restful, restorative and healing yoga practices.

Targeted yoga sessions designed to help mums do more than just cope. It's yoga for mums, specifically.

Nourishing yoga for mom and deeply restful practices designed especially for your aches and pains, your energy levels, your specific stresses and anxieties and your needs as a mum.

If this sounds like you, join me for live classes in Bristol.

Local in the UK? I hold a Bristol yoga classes for pregnancy and post-natal.

Nurtured Mama is and online space here to support mothers just like you.

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